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  • uake efforts after a powerful 8.0-quake struck W

enchuan County in the southwestern Sichuan Pro
vince on May 12. Members of the two academies
had made full us

ssues regarding the political status. At the meeting, the late leader proposed that science and technology were a productive force, intellectuals were part of the working class, a▓nd the key of the country's moder

▓e of their collect

nization drive lay with the modernization of science and technology. He reiterated science and technology were th▓e No.1 productive force; human resources were the No. 1 resource; and it was a must to persistently incre

ive wisdom and power

ase the capabilities in independent innovation; it was a must to adhere to the political advantage of socialism, which enabled the government ▓to gather powers to do big things; it was a must that science and technology s

to play an import▓an

erved economic and social development as well as the people; and it was a must to display the scientific spirit. Hu highlights China´s progress, "large gap" in sci-tech developmentFull Text: Report

t role in the quake relief, he said. In hi
s speech, Hu▓ mentioned two major historic
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ushered in the Reform and Opening-up Drive in the country. Hu recalled it was Deng Xiaoping who talked about major i
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